What's up With Bob?

In the village, everyone is named BOB. The storekeepers, dishwashers, and yes the accounts are named BOB. It is quiet confusing, yet generation after generation BOB was the given identifier. This year of seventy-nine a young lad, BOB, skipped school to explore the river caves. Many a BOB vanished in the vast range of caverns. Year after year, young BOBs continued the ridiculous quest of carving their name deeper in the passages than anyone else. This year it was BOB's turn to make his mark. He walked miles searching for the end of the relentless string of BOB's carved in the soft yellow stone. Finally, he could go no further. Tired and cold he built a small fire to warm himself. As the fire grew, he realized had stopped at the end of the line. There are no more BOBs carved before him! This is his destiny, to be the next BOB in the line of BOBs. He contemplated the size and shape of the letters. He could not decide if they should they be tall and fat or short and elegant. Hours past as BOB scribbled in the sand. Trying to be creative, BOB stretched the letters this way and that but they always came out the same. Forward or backward, it was still BOB. Frustrated he kicked and swept away the sand. How could he be different from all the rest? After slashing at the ground with the stick until he was completely spent, BOB noticed a new set of marks left in the sand, "eFF." What's an eff? This makes no sense, but he continued to scribble lines and marks as decoration for the new symbol. Settling on brackets to decorate each end the carving begins. First the underscore then the vertical followed by the eff. Stepping back to see his marking, _|eff. This will never do, he thought to himself. Suddenly a large reptile, a T-BOB, came from the shadows and attacked. BOB has disappeared cried the villagers! Seal the cave!  It was blasphemous! Someone defiled the long line of BOB's with a Jeff. So begins the tale of Jeff.