fukuro no nezumi

Layers of space, repeating structural elements, and people comprise the foundations of this body of work. By looking at the way people move around the camera opened the way for seeing how we are guided, herded, and controlled by the obvious structural elements as well as our learned social conditioning. Don't walk, one way, guide rails, and passages in every direction lead us from place to place, herding the gunshu, Japanese for a crowd of people. The individuals become lost in a non interactive collective experience and for the most part see others only as obstacles, as they themselves are seen. This escapism pushes its way forward in this grouping of image. Bound by the wide borders of the matte board, (when framed). This is the blurred record of reality or a reality is presented for inspection and contemplation. Where are they coming from? Where are they going? Is there any where to go? Trapped? Hence the title of this body of work, "fukuro no nezumi," a mouse in a trap. The questioning of reality, temporal nature of life, and planes of existence are just a few guidelines for thought. No answers are given, only multiple layers of repeated questions, illusions, and hints of the ephemeral state of life.